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Why are bags being prohibited?
Grocery stores and other retailers in the United States annually provide 38 billion single-use paper and plastic carryout bags to their customers. While many of the bags do get recycled, many more are disposed of as trash and many find their way into creeks, rivers, oceans, and highways as unsightly litter. These bags represent an unnecessary waste of resources that can easily be avoided through the use of reusable bags.

Environment - Recycling & Garbage - Bring Your Own Bag

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1. What is the plastic bag ordinance?
2. How does the ordinance affect me as a consumer?
3. Why are bags being prohibited?
4. Are plastic bags a problem for local creeks?
5. Why is there a charge on paper bags?
6. Which stores does the ordinance affect?
7. Why not just offer customers an incentive to bring their own bags?
8. Why not just encourage customers to recycle their plastic bags?
9. Does San José collect plastic bags for recycling at curbside?
10. Why not require biodegradable plastic bags?
11. Will I still be able to purchase plastic garbage bags?