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Business Tax

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1. How do I get a Business Tax Certificate?
2. Do I need a Business Tax Certificate?
3. How much is the Business Tax?
4. Where can I find my account number?
5. How do I close my business?
6. I’ve lost my business certificate; how do I acquire a new one?
7. When do the new Business Tax changes take effect?
8. Why the increase in Business Tax?
9. What does this tax do for me?
10. I am a Residential Landlord with less than 3 units that I currently rent, why do I have to pay now?
11. I have filed for an Exemption in the past. How does that affect me and my business?
12. What exemptions may be available to my business?
13. Are there any Exemptions that were deleted with the Ballot Measure?
14. Are there any new exemptions to the Business Tax?
15. What do I do if I must make a change to my account?
16. I need to verify if a company or person has a Business Tax Certificate.