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1. Why did San José adopt a Foam Food Container Ordinance to ban expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam food service ware, commonly known as Styrofoam™?
2. Why does the ordinance only focus on EPS foam food service ware, not paper or rigid plastic containers?
3. Who is affected by this ordinance?
4. What types of containers are banned by the ordinance?
5. When did this ordinance go into effect?
6. Who is exempt?
7. How does a restaurant apply for an exemption?
8. What are the alternatives to EPS foam food service ware, and where can I purchase them?
9. Do alternative products cost more than EPS?
10. What is the City doing to enforce existing litter laws?
11. How will this ordinance be enforced?
12. What other options does the City have to deal with litter?
13. Why not just recycle foam food service ware?
14. Have other cities and counties banned EPS foam food service ware?