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Annual Housing Reports to HCD
State Community Redevelopment Law (Health and Safety Code (H&SC) Section 33080 et seq.) requires redevelopment agencies to report annually to the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) on the use of Low and Moderate Income Housing Funds to help increase, improve, and preserve the supply of affordable housing.

Pursuant to this Section, the San Jose Redevelopment Agency has submitted on-line reports each December.  Reports from the most recent filings can be found at the links below:

As a result of the dissolution of Redevelopment Agencies, the State Department of Housing and Community Development informed the City that this report was no longer required.

As of FY 2013-14, a new Housing Successor to Redevelopment Agency Annual Report has been created. This report satisfies the requirements of Senate Bill 341, which took effect on January 1, 2014. It replaces the above mentioned reports that were previously sent to the State Controller. This new report will be included with the Annual Housing Element Progress Report submitted to HCD in April of each year.

Going forward, the report can be found in the Redevelopment Successor Agency page, under the Reports Section.

For questions, comments, or for prior years’ reports not listed above, please contact the Policy Team at (408) 975-4451 or by email.