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Permitted Industries are required to submit Periodic Compliance Reports
All permitted industries are required to submit periodic compliance reports to the Pretreatment Program. These reports, called Self-Monitoring Reports (SMRs), typically include the following:
  • Discharge flow information (minimum and maximum flow rates)
  • Required documentation (flowmeter readings, water bills, hazardous waste manifests, etc.)
  • Additional certifications, as necessary

Reporting Requirements Can be Found in Your Wastewater Discharge Permit
Section B of your Permit provides key requirements about SMR reporting such as the reporting frequency (i.e., how many SMRs are due per year), any particular requirements for your facility, and the specific reporting month in which SMRs are due. All SMRs are due on the last day of the reporting month.

SMR Forms are Required
All SMRs must be submitted using a SMR Form. You may download the form in two formats: 
Completing Your SMR
For instructions on filling out your SMR, please view Self Monitoring Report (SMR) Fact Sheet.

Tips for completing your SMR:
  • Verify that you are using the most recent SMR Form (download the most recent SMR from this page). 
  • Please use a separate SMR Form for each sample collected.
  • Be sure to review and complete all items on the form.
  • Be sure to include all items required by Section B of your Permit.
  • If sample results indicate a violation, you must contact your Inspector within 24 hours of receiving the results.
  • If you have any questions, please contact your Inspector.

Submitting your SMR
All SMRs are due on the last day of the reporting month specified in Section B of your Permit. SMRs may be submitted electronically or by fax to meet reporting deadlines, however, the original hard copy with original signatures must be provided for Pretreatment Program records.

Original copies of all SMRs should be mailed or hand delivered to the following address:
City of San José Environmental Services Department
Watershed Protection Division, Source Control Section
200 E. Santa Clara St., 7th Floor
San José, CA 95113