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Specific Plans
Targeted Development
The City Council has approved numerous Specific Plans for key locations in San José to foster transit-oriented development, historic preservation, mixed uses, sensitivity to surrounding neighborhoods, and other strategic goals. Each Specific Plan explains the vision for future land use development in the plan area with a detailed land use plan, design guidelines, and implementation strategy. Each Specific Plan was developed with community and other stakeholder involvement at the time of its preparation. These plans are available for download using the links below. 

General Plan
While a few of the Specific Plans have been fully implemented, several continue to provide important growth capacity through the City’s General Plan, Envision San José 2040. The Envision General Plan maintains the existing growth capacity and residential focus of the Specific Plan areas, with the exception of the Alviso Master Plan, which has an employment focus and expanded job growth capacity provided through the Envision General Plan. As the Specific Plans were developed through extensive community-based planning processes, the Envision General Plan incorporates, with only very limited modification, the land uses designated within the Specific Plan areas.

How to Use Specific Plans
Development on properties that fall within a Specific Plan boundary must follow the goals, objectives, guidelines, and policies of the corresponding Specific Plan. To determine a property's land use designation, please disregard the Specific Plan Land Use Plan and use the Envision San Jose 2040 General Plan Land Use Diagram. For example, if a property is designated as Mixed Use within a Specific Plan but has a Neighborhood/Community Commercial land use designation within the General Plan, the Neighborhood/Community Commercial land use designation takes precedence.