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Resources Checklist
The resources below can help you find planning information or get you started on your project application. For assistance with any item, visit or call the Development Services Permit Center, 408-535-3555, and ask to speak with a planner.

Accessory Buildings and Structures:
See the Accessory Buildings and Structures handout for setbacks, standards and permit requirements. Also see the Rear Yard Coverage Diagram.

Assessor’s Parcel Map: Visit the Santa Clara County Assessor’s Office web page for parcel maps and other property information.

Design Guidelines and Illustrative Diagrams
: See our Design Guidelines for various types of developments and Illustrative Diagrams.

  • Designing an Addition to Your Single-Family Home: See Video –  A professional planner visits a home and guides the owner through the considerations for making the home bigger. This video will help you understand the setbacks and limitations on where you can build on your lot. Spanish and Vietnamese subtitles are included.
  • Residential Exceptions: Visit the Residential Exceptions web page to view the exceptions to design standards and setbacks in the Municipal Code.

Parking Requirements: Chapter 20.90 of the Zoning Ordinance specifies parking and loading requirements.

Planning Permits, Processes and Policies:

  • Information Brochures: Visit the Information Brochures web page for various handouts that explain a range of planning permits, processes and policies, including Preliminary Review, Single Family House Permits, Home Occupations, Legal Nonconforming Uses, Environmental Review, and more. Also includes our Planning in San José: A Community Guide, an award-winning introduction to land use.

Property and Permit Information:
Enter an address at to obtain information on a site’s zoning, General Plan designation, and any active or prior permits. It’s easy!

Secondary Units:
See the Secondary Unit Review Worksheet and Municipal Code Section 20.30.150 to determine if your proposal for a secondary unit meets all requirements.

Sign Regulations: Visit the Sign Ordinance web page for information on sign regulations and applying for a sign permit.

Submitting an Application:

  • Applications and Forms: Visit our Applications Forms web page to obtain the proper form for your project.
  • Fees: See the Planning Application Filing Fee Schedule. Development permits typically include the base fee for the application, a General Plan update surcharge, environmental review fees, and public noticing fees. Other fees related to uses may also be applicable. Submittals that required reviews by the Building Division, Public Works, or Fire Prevention Bureau will also have fees for those reviews.
  • Preliminary Review: Applicants can opt for a fee-based Preliminary Review of their project. Expert staff will provide detailed guidance on the proposal to ensure a smooth, time-saving planning permit and public hearing processes.
  • Schedule an Appointment: Use our Application Appointment System to submit an application.

Zoning Information:

  • Zoning Map: Find your property’s zoning on the City’s interactive Zoning Map.
  • Zoning Ordinance: The San José Zoning Ordinance specifies allowed uses, regulations and development standards, such as setbacks and height limitations.
  • Planned Developments: If the site’s zoning includes the letters PD, you may need to view the approved plans for the planned development zoning in order to determine the allowed uses, setbacks, parking requirements, and other development standards.

Contact Us
  • View our service hours and visit us at the Permit Center, first floor of City Hall
  • Call us at 408-535-3555 and ask to speak with a planner