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Public Calendars of City Officials
Access to Public Calendars
Access is available online to the calendars listed below. The public calendars for most City department heads are available upon request.

August 21, 2007, the San José City Council approved recommendations from the Sunshine Reform Task Force regarding public access to the appointment calendars of certain City officials.

The Mayor, City Council members, certain Council Appointees and Council staff members, and most City department heads would be required to maintain calendars, updated weekly, of all meetings attended in the previous 13 weeks.  Required information on these calendars was to include names and titles of meeting attendees and the topic of the meeting.

In addition, the Mayor and City Council members, their respective Chiefs of Staff, the City Manager, City Attorney, City Clerk, and Executive Director of the San José Redevelopment Agency are required to provide online access to these calendars via the City's website.

Public Calendars
Mayor & Council Calendars
View public calendars for the Mayor and City Council.

Council Appointee Calendars