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St. James Square City Landmark District
The Saint James Square City Landmark District (HD84-36) is listed under the theme Social, Arts, and Recreation for the Early American Period (1846-1870). The park, the only public square in the Downtown Core Area, is surrounded by buildings significant for their civic design and uses from the 1860s through 1930s. The park, originally laid out in 1848 by Chester Lyman, occupies a two block area bounded by E. St. James Street on the north, E. St. John Street on the south, N. First Street on the west and N. Third Street on the east. The City Landmark District area includes the park, the block west to N. Market Street and part of the block east to N. Fourth Street and part of the block south between N. Second and N. Third Streets. In contrast, the smaller National Register of Historic Places District (NRD) St. James Square (St. James Park) area consists of 10 contributors - the park and nine buildings and two non-contributors on blocks opposite the park. As a listed NRHP property, the district is automatically included on the California Register of Historical Resources (CRHR).

Saint James Square City Landmark District Map