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Audit Recommendations

At the core of our work is making recommendations to correct deficiencies, strengthen accountability, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of City programs.  Our office provides a written report on the status of open audit recommendations to the City Council every six months.  The following interactive dashboards allows users to view and sort open audit recommendations by department, type, date, potential budget savings, and target year.  

Scroll down to view two interactive dashboards and the list of reports on the Status of Open Audit Recommendations.

Instructions for using the interactive dashboards:

v Select the arrows in the bottom right corner of the each of the dashboards to make them full screen.
v Press any button and the board will sort and display related information.
v To select multiple items at once, use 'ctrl' on your keyboard when making your other selections.
v To clear the selections, select the yellow reset button. 

                   NEW PROJECT: Interactive Dashboard of the Status of Open Audit Recommendations (Current)

                                            Interactive Dashboard of all Recommendations 2010 to Present


v  Priority Priority items are recommendations identified in collaboration with the City Manager’s Office at the direction of City Council.  The City Manager has committed to prioritizing work on these outstanding recommendations.  While continuing to work with the City Auditor to make progress on addressing and closing all other open audit recommendations. When recommendations on this list are implemented new priority items may be added to the list.

v Budget SavingsRecommendations that identify new revenues or potential cost savings. 

v  Meet & Confer Recommendations that may be subject to discussion with labor unions.

v  Securing City AssetsRecommendations that will contribute to protecting, recovering, increasing, or saving City assets.

v  Operational EfficiencyRecommendations to improve City operations, streamline processes, and ensure staff time is spent efficiently.

v  Transparency and AccountabilityRecommendations aimed at increasing transparency and accountability to residents, taxpayers, and program beneficiaries.

v Improved Service DeliveryRecommendations with potential to improve City programs and services.

                                 City Council Reports on the Status of Open Audit Recommendations 2001 to Present

Report As Of

Committee Meeting Archive Video

June 30, 2019   10-08-19 
City Council
December 31, 2018  3-26-19
City Council
June 30, 2018  9-18-18
City Council
Memo - 2018-2019 Open Audit Recommendation Priorities  6-12-18
City Council
December 31, 2017 

{Administration's Response}
City Council
 June 30, 2017 10-03-17
City Council 
December 31, 2016  4-04-17
City Council
Status of City Clerk Audit Recommendations   
June 30, 2016  9-20-16
City Counc
 December 31, 2015 3-22-16
City Council
Priority Audit Recommendations  12-02-15 
Rules & Open Gov't 
 June 30, 2015 10-27-15
City Council
 December 31, 2014 3-17-15
City Council
 June 30, 2014 9-25-14
 December 31, 2013


 June 30, 2013 9-19-13
 December 31, 2012 3-21-13
 June 30, 2012 9-20-12
 December 31, 2011


June 30, 2011


December 31, 2010


June 30, 2010


December 31, 2009


June 30, 2009


December 31, 2008

June 30, 2008

December 31, 2007

June 30, 2007

December 31, 2006

June 30, 2006

December 31, 2005

June 30, 2005

 December 31, 2004

June 30, 2004

 December 31, 2003

June 30, 2003

December 31, 2002

June 30, 2002

December 31, 2001

June 30, 2001