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Public Works
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Permits -  Major-Minor Permit chart

It is unlawful for any person to conduct any excavation in any Public right-of-way in the City of San José that is under the jurisdiction and control of the Department of Public Works without first obtaining a permit.

If the work is to be performed by staff, agents and/or contractors working directly for a Utility company, then the Utilities section will issue one of the following Utility permits based on the type of work and the type of street: Minor Permit, Major Permit, or Special Major Permit -- See the Major-Minor Permit chart and the Major Street list to determine the appropriate permit. If the work involves the placement of fiber optic or wireless facilities in the right-of-way, then a Fiber permit will be issued.

If the work is to be performed by staff, agents and/or contractors working directly for another governmental agency, then the Utilities section will issue an Inter-Agency Encroachment Permit to that agency.

If the Utility company allows the Developer/Customer to perform some of the work in the right-of-way (i.e. excavations, trenching, placing of conduits, equipment, etc.), then the Developer/Customer must also obtain a Private Utility permit from the Development Services section to be allowed to work in the Public right-of-way.  This separation of the work will result in both the Utility company and the Developer/Customer needing their own encroachment permits to work in the Public right-of-way.

Before applying for a permit please review the Permit Requirements, Public Outreach Requirements, and review your construction drawings against our checklist.

Streets in Moratorium (Excavation)

The City of San Jose Department of Transportation has a policy that any recently paved street will be in moratorium for a period of two years during which time excavations in the roadway will not be allowed. All non-emergency permit applications will be reviewed for compliance with this list of streets