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Minimum Wage Frequently Asked Questions

The City of San José Office of Equality Assurance is providing the following information as a public service. This information and related materials are presented to give the public access to information on the San José Minimum Wage Ordinance. Please be aware that while we attempt to keep the information timely and accurate, there may be a delay between official publications of the materials and modification of these pages. Additionally, the City of San José is in the preliminary stages of implementing the Minimum Wage Ordinance adopted as Measure D so the City reserves the right to modify or supplement this document as the need arises and further information is developed. Therefore, we make no express or implied guarantees regarding the accuracy of the information. Although we make every effort to correct any errors brought to our attention, you are directed to view for the full text of the San José Municipal Wage Ordinance here.

Questions and answers are grouped in the following categories:
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Employee Related
Administrative and Enforcement Related
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To view and print a copy of the complete list of the frequently asked questions:

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Spanish FAQ (02/27/2013)
Vietnamese FAQ (02/27/2013)
Chinese FAQ (02/27/2013)