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Place-Based Neighborhoods
The Place-Based Neighborhood Initiative was adopted by the City Council on January 10, 2012 (Item 4.2), to guide changes to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and the implementation of a more coordinated effort to provide services to our neighborhoods.  The City of San Jose has been challenged with the elimination of the Strong Neighborhood Initiative (SNI), its current budget realities, and how to address neighborhood needs.  As a result, the Housing Department is taking the lead to address the needs of specific neighborhoods focusing on creating "Clean, Safe and Engaged Neighborhoods."  Given limited funds and staff capacity, it is important to create and identify resources, capacity, and power.

The neighborhood strategy is initiated in three neighborhoods -- Santee in partnership with Franklin McKinley Children's Initiative (FMCI), Mayfair in partnership with Somos Mayfair, and Five Wounds/Brookwood Terrace in Partnership with CommUniverCity -- where there is demonstrated need, the opportunity to make substantial change, and strong community partnerships to sustain that progress.  These three neighborhoods will also receive funds from CDBG to assist with improving literacy through Kinder Readiness and Third Grade Literacy.  Franklin Mckinley Children's Initiative, Somos Mayfair, and CommUniverCity are key partners in terms of working with the City of San Jose to address the needs of the specific neighborhoods.

With the primary outcome on the Place-Based Neighborhoods to create clean and safe communities in three neighborhoods, funds for Community Development Improvements (CDI) will address the blight and infrastructure improvements that respond to the neighborhoods highest priority.  The Code Enforcement Division of the City of San Jose and the nonprofit, Downtown Streets Team (DST), are key participants in this effort to address the blight eradication and Neighborhood Clean-Up.  The community will be engaged to identify and implement key improvements that help deter crime and gang activity such as lighting and safety around schools, community gardens, and/or improvements to facilities owned by nonprofit agencies serving the neighborhood.

In three to five years, as the neighborhoods improve, CDBG funds will be redirected to other neighborhoods.

Do you live in one of the current Place Based Neighborhoods and want to get involved?  Please call 408.793.5540 or join us at one of the neighborhood meetings.