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Medical Provider Network (MPN)

A Medical Provider Network (MPN) is an entity or group of providers that has been approved by the State of California Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) to provide health care to workers who are injured on the job.  MPN's must meet the quality and service standards set by the Division of Workers' Compensation.  They must have health care providers who understand the workers' compensation system and occupational health care.  The City of San José MPN will make sure that you have medical treatment available at reasonable times if you have a work-related injury or illness.  All medical treatment will be in accordance with the medical standards approved by the DWC.

Doctors in the MPN:
You may access the doctors in the network on the Internet by going to:

For more information please see the following documents:

Predesignation of Personal Physician Form

Notice to Employees - DWC7 (English) - (All Departments)

Notice to Employees - DWC7 (Spanish) - (All Departments)