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Planning Building and Code Enforcement
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Code Enforcement
200 E. Santa Clara St.
4th Floor
San Jose, CA 95113

Ph: (408) 535-7770

Open:  8:00 am - Noon
   1:00 - 5:00pm
Closed:  Noon - 1:00pm

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If Repairs Are Needed
Report needed repairs to the manager or property owner in a timely manner, as this helps owners maintain their property.

You may also contact Code Enforcement to request an inspection of your unit, common areas, or exterior building conditions. If the inspection results in a need for corrections, a correction notice will be issued to the owner. Tenants may request a copy of the notice.

How Multifamily Buildings are Routinely Inspected

Code enforcement inspections are routinely conducted at multifamily buildings. The building exterior, common areas, and a percentage of the units are inspected. The frequency of these inspections is based upon the building's assigned service level as follows:
  • Tier 1 Buildings - Inspected every six years. Owners of Tier 1 buildings must provide all tenants with a copy of the Self-Certification Checklist within five business days of completing it. 
  • Tier 2 Buildings - Inspected every five years. Use of the Self-Certification Checklist is optional and owners are not obligated to provide to tenants.
  • Tier 3 Buildings - Inspected every three years. Use of the Self-Certification Checklist is optional and owners are not obligated to provide to tenants.

Find the tier assignment of your building by searching the Multiple Housing Roster.
Learn more about the Tier program: Frequently Asked Questions

Home Safety BrochureProperty Owner and Tenant Responsibilities
Property owners must maintain buildings in compliance with:

  • San Jose Municipal Code, and specifically:
  • Housing Code, Municipal Code Chapter 17.20
  • Community Preservation Ordinance, Municipal Code Chapter 17.72

Tenants must comply with San José Municipal Code 17.20.920 C:

  • Keep the unit clean.
  • Property dispose of all garbage and refuse.
  • Use reasonable care when operating plumbing.
  • Do not place or store material that causes a fire hazard or could endanger others.
  • Exterminate insects, rodents, or other pests if only the unit is infested, and the building is reasonably insect and rodent-proofed.
  • Do not store furniture, equipment or material that has insects, rodents, or other pests in it.
  • Do not allow the unit to be occupied or used in a way that violates the municipal code.

Shared responsibilities:

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms – Both tenants and property owners have a role in ensuring smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are working.

Learn more in our trilingual Home Safety-Protect Your Family from Fires and Hazards brochure.

Rental Dispute Mediation and Arbitration
Contact the Housing Department's Rental Rights and Referrals Program at (408) 975-4480.

Learn more about San José's Tenant Protection Ordinance, Municipal Code 17.23.1200.

Tenant Resources