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Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone
Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone-Contract Applications are due August 1

The San José City Council adopted an Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone (UAIZ) Ordinance on November 15, 2016 that enables property owners who can meet certain criteria to obtain property tax benefits.

An Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone (UAIZ) Contract is a contract between the City and a property owner of vacant, unimproved, or blighted property whereby the property owner agrees to keep the property in active agricultural use for a period of five years in exchange for a property tax benefit.

The property must meet all criteria to be eligible for a UAIZ contract:
  • Size: Minimum 0.10 acres (4,356 sq. ft.) and maximum 1 acre (43,560 sq. ft.).
  • Condition: Land is blighted, unimproved, or vacant; or, was previously blighted, unimproved, or vacant and has been converted to an urban agriculture use. 
  • Permissible structures: No dwellings are allowed. Only structures that are accessory to the urban agriculture activity, such as toolsheds, greenhouses, produce stands, and similar structures are allowed. 
  • Water service: The applicant must obtain confirmation from the appropriate water retailer that the property has a metered water service connection or an approved equivalent.
  • Readiness: Per Municipal Code Chapter 4.88, the property must 1) not have code violations with a record of notice to the property owner of such violations, and 2) must be entirely and exclusively dedicated to Urban Agricultural Use as defined in the Code. Any land use approvals or building permits that are required for the Urban Agricultural Use to commence must be obtained prior to the start of the operation. The urban agriculture use must commence on the subject parcel within 90 days of execution of a UAIZ contract or the contract will be terminated. 

To apply
Please read and complete the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone-Contract Application. The property owner will also need to sign a Contract for Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone; to obtain the contract document, please contact . The application, contract document and associated attachments stand as your application package.

Please follow the instructions on the application for submitting this package.

Case Studies
See how property owners are turning vacant properties into active agricultural use.

For more information
Direct questions concerning the UAIZ program to:
Brent Carvalho