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Tug of War in a Park
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Closed or Under Repair
The following areas are closed, under repair, or under construction. updated  10/21/2019

Alum Rock Park
NEW: Repairs to Falls Road are scheduled October 21 through November 15. There will be some ground disturbance in the construction area and rocks/debris will likely fall onto the Creek Trail leading out to South Rim Switchback.  For the safety of visitors and staff, trails will be closed East of the bridge at Live Oak and at the top South Rim Switchback for the duration of the repair project. Please observe posted signage and for your safety do not enter the closed area. (10/21/19)
  • Entry Sign Hit by car, will be removed. New sign to be designed.
  • Alum Rock Park Service Road: Road is open for public use while repairs to hillside are being designed
  • For fire restricted status please call the Alum Rock Park, Park Ranger Office, 408-259-5477

Bramhall Park
  • The basketball and volleyball courts are closed for renovations

Capitol Park
  • 8/16/19 began installing new park rules signs
  • The new exercise fitness area is completed and now OPEN for use
  • Six new benches installed
  • Six new trash cans installed
  • New fence installed along 3rd base and left field foul area

Calabazas BMX Park
  • The BMX area is closed the week of October 21 for maintenance.

Coyote Creek Trail
  • Mud and debris has been cleared and swept off the trail under Montague Expressway crossing. Trail is open
  • Weeding to be conducted by San Jose Conservation Corps soon along Hwy237 portion of trail

Flickinger Park
  • One basketball backboard damaged and removed.
  • All basketball poles and backboards are being scheduled for replacement

Guadalupe River Trail
  • The weed abatement around the 101 underpass has been completed and this trail section is clear of impediments. 15 MPH speed limit signs and Caution When Wet signs have been installed at both entrances to this undercrossing. Please slow down and use caution at this location.

Happy Hollow Park & Zoo

Noble Park
  • The cleaning of the pond has been completed. 

Northwood Park
  • Park Sign hit by car and destroyed. New sign will need to be designed and will be missing for a while

PAL Sports Center (Police Activities League)

  • Office Building - Roofing repairs and renovations are scheduled for the first two weeks of November, 2019
  • Scoreboards: Replacements are being reviewed for installation and will be scheduled soon

  • Children of the Rainbow Park: Slide damaged by fire, parts are on order to repair.
  • Esther Medina, 
    • Tiles replaced on Climbing Turtle and is now open.
  • Emma Prusch Farm
    • Slide repaired and now open
    • Swings and chains all replaced
  • Falls Creek; broken swing removed, parts ordered
  • Groesbeck Hill Park, playgrounds (both) have been removed. Design work for a new playground is currently underway
  • Lake Cunningham Regional Park, Drop Zone feature closed and currently waiting for parts
  • Mayfair Park, slide severely damaged and removed. In design phase for new playground
  • Mayfair Park, swing to be replaced, parts on order
  • Meadows Park, swing removed and will be replaced
  • NEW San Antonio Tot Lot, slide repaired and is now open for use
  • Solari Park, Playground has been removed. New playground will be in design phase later this year
  • Townsend Park, Slide Damaged Ladder was repaired (6/26/19)
  • Vista Montana Park, Spinner seat vandalized, parts on order
  • West Evergreen Park Dragon climber was vandalized and the repair is now being scheduled

Water Features at Parks
  • Mayfair Park water play area is repaired now and OPEN (updated 6/21/19)
Water Features at the following parks are closed due to California Executive Order B-40-17 prohibiting “Using non-recirculated water in a fountain or other decorative feature.”
  • Almaden Lake Park
  • Bestor Art Park
  • Butcher Park
  • Capitol Park
  • Carrabelle Park
  • Cataldi Park
  • Cimarron Park
  • Erickson Park
  • Fowler Creek Park
  • Huerta Park
  • La Colina Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • Martin Park
  • John P. McEnery Park
  • McLaughlin Park
  • Noble Park
  • Parma Park
  • Rainbow Park
  • Rosemary Gardens Park
  • Roy Avenue Park
  • San Tomas Park
  • TJ Martin Park
  • Thousand Oaks Park
  • Townsend Park

Restrooms that are Closed
  • Arena Green - Confluence Point
  • Bellevue Park
  • Capitol Park
  • Columbus Park
  • Plata Arroyo Park; restroom is open but sewer problems may cause intermittent back up and closure, Public Works researching permanent repair (06/30/19)
  • Welch Park

  • Capitol Park; light pole knocked down to be replaced, initiated Work Order with Public Works
  • Our Park; between Van Winkle Dr and Story Road, lights out due to wire theft, initiated Work Order with Public Works
  • Thousand Oaks Park; light pole P90 and P831 are out; initiated Work Order with Public Works

Sports Field Renovations
  • TJ Martin Sports Field - In Progress
  • Columbus Park - Field #2 Closed
  • Silver Creek Linear - Completed and Open

Noble Park
  • The pond is being drained and dried out for cleaning. Please do not enter past the construction fencing. Cleaning is expected to be completed by July 4.
Noble Park
  • The pond is being drained and dried out for cleaning. Please do not enter past the construction fencing. Cleaning is expected to be completed by July 4.