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To lay the groundwork for PB in District 2, Councilmember Jimenez selected residents to sit on the Steering Committee. Our Steering Committee represents five neighborhoods bounded by the area south of Bernal, north of Bailey, east of Santa Teresa Foothills, and west of Highway 101. Our Steering Committee members live within the boundaries of the neighborhoods they represent. These individuals have helped design this Rulebook, chosen a voting structure for the final round of PB, and are overseeing the PB process in the district. The Steering Committee has a 4-6 week commitment to meet regularly in preparation for Round 2 of the District 2 Bernal to Bailey Participatory Budgeting. The Steering Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Meet regularly to plan and prepare for the 2nd round of voting.
  • Create and implement rules for all aspects of Round 2 voting. This includes creating the Rulebook and determining meeting protocols, voting rules, outreach strategy and project promotion.
  • Outreach to community members, organizations, individuals and special constituencies.


  • District 2 staff will continue to facilitate meetings.
  • Items will be voted on by present members.
  • Quorum for Steering Committee members is 3:
    • If quorum is met votes will be ratified only with a majority of 3 Steering Committee member votes in favor.
    • If 3 votes cannot be achieved the item will be postponed until all members can be reached for a vote, votes may be accounted for remotely, via email, telephone, or other means of communication.


Patricia Carlin
Lorrie Landis
Karen Lattin
Mary Patterson
Alexis Schneider


Meeting 1 Minutes
Meeting 2 Minutes
Meeting 3 Minutes
Meeting 4 Minutes