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Dear Neighbors,

Currently, High Speed Rail (HSR) has pushed back their San José to Merced timeline to accommodate our community and City needs. Since taking office in December, I sponsored a HSR Community Forum in March to receive feedback from community members on alternatives, concerns, and preferred alignments. In this forum, the District 2 office participated in great conversations with our residents and received a large amount of feedback from community members about concerns such as construction impacts, property loss, safety, and noise. As a result of this forum and the leadership of our office, the agency has reopened and revamped the Community Working Group (CWG) to include active District 2 community leaders, residents, and stakeholders. The CWG meetings occur every month and review topics including alignment alternatives, construction mitigations, and environmental studies.

Most importantly, the City and I have heard our residents loud and clear. For this reason the City has contracted two firms, HDR and Exeltech Consulting Inc., to assess the possibility of other alternatives that align with community priorities and preferences. Our office is also happy to announce that the City’s Department of Transportation has a team specifically dedicated to HSR and actively works to include community input and concerns into the future plans of the project. In the next two weeks, the Department of Transportation, the High Speed Rail Authority, and my office will be discussing cut-and-cover, underground tunnels, and preferred alignments for District 2.

On September 27, 2017, HSR will be finishing discussions from our previous meeting at City Hall Wings 118-120. I will be present at this meeting, and I invite all my neighbors to attend.

If you’d like to get involved in the HSR District 2 Community Working Group, please contact Maribel Villarreal

In community,


Sergio Jimenez

HSR Community Working Group

The Community Working Group (CWG) is comprised of different community leaders, residents, and stakeholders. Currently, there are five active CWG members and leaders from District 2 that participate in these monthly meetings. CWG members learn and review topics such as the Environmental Process, Property Acquisition, Construction Impacts, and more.

If you’d like to get involved in the HSR District 2 Community Working Group, please contact Maribel Villarreal. For more information about CWG schedules and notes, please visit the San José to Merced project website. 

Independent Peer Review

The City of San José has contracted with two firms, HDR and Exeltech Consulting, Inc., to complete a peer review and develop alternative alignments for the City and District 2. These two firms will provide technical and engineering service including alignment feasibility assessment, cost estimation and cost comparison, high speed train track design, train operations, geotechnical analysis, and tunnel/cut-cover construction feasibility. For more information about these two firms, please visit their website.

Santa Clara County

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors discussed HSR alternative alignments on September 12, 2017. Please find item 18 on the agenda. Our office highly encourages all residents to contact your Santa Clara County Supervisors to express your preferences and concerns about HSR alignments along South San José.

High Speed Rail Letters

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