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City Manager's Budget Addenda
The City Administration released the following Manager's Budget Addenda to supplement information provided in the 2018 - 2019 Proposed Budget, recommend amendments to the Proposed Budget, and respond to City Council inquires regarding the Proposed Budget.

2018 - 2019 City Manager's Budget Addenda  

MBA LOG  Title
MBA #1 2018-2019 Budget Study Sessions Schedule and Agendas
MBA #2 Office of Retirement Services' FY18-19 Proposed Administrative Budget
MBA #3 Investment Fee Analysis
MBA #4 Education and Digital Literacy Initiative
MBA #5 Mayor's Gang Prevention Task Force and San José Bringing Everyone's Strengths Together
Resource Allocation Plan
MBA #6 African American Community Service Agency Infrastructure Improvement Plan
MBA #7 Breakout of Countywide Sales Tax Pool Allocated to San José
MBA #8 REPLACEMENT: Police Substation
MBA #9 2018-2019 Rent Stabilization Program
MBA #10 Homeless Response Team Park Rangers Extension
MBA #11 REPLACEMENT: Domestic Violence
MBA #12 Smart City Priorities
MBA #13 Neighborhoods Commission Budget Recommendations
MBA #14 Horse Stables Facility and Landscape Maintenance
MBA #15 Fire Squad Costing
MBA #16 Team San Jose 2018-2019 Performance Measures
MBA #17 Proposed 2018-2019 Transient Occupancy Tax Funded Arts and Cultural Development Grants
MBA #18 Community Budget Meetings Summary
MBA #19 Anti-Litter Program Performance Measures
MBA #20 Citywide Planning Fee and Staffing Expansion
MBA #21 Matching Funds for Climate Smart Natural and Working Lands Analysis
MBA #22 General Code Enforcement Cost Recovery
MBA #23 Capital Improvement Program Delivery Schedule
MBA #24 Recommendation on the 2019-2023 Proposed Capital Improvement Program
MBA #25 2018-2019 Proposed Fees & Charges Report Amendments
MBA #26 Tree Maintenance and Sidewalk Repair Financial Hardship Assistance Program Modification
MBA #27 CSA Performance Measures Dashboards by City Service Area
MBA #28 Local Sales Tax Budget Adjustments
MBA #29 Recommended Amendments to the 2018-2019 Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets
MBA #30 Adoption of the 2018-2019 Operating and Capital Budgets